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Stacey currently resides in Playa Grande, Costa Rica. Outside of her group class schedules at RipJack, The PipeHouse and Flex&Flow, she also offers private Yoga sessions, Guided Meditations and Reiki Healing which can be booked below. Alternatively, feel free to email us if you have any special requests or questions.

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"Stacey, Thank you!!!!

Your retreat was amazing, folding in with your wonderful instructions and magical energy all of us who came, leading us in daily meditation so that we could become our own meditation teachers on the shores of a beautiful empty 2 mile conservation beach, followed by  challenging supportive open-air yoga classes, each one suited to the time of day, the energy of students and the sequencing that helped us progress. Soothing and wise challenging and gentle, centering and loving, Stacey's words have stayed with me weeks after the retreat is over. I'll be back for sure next year. 

Abby - Boston, MA   25/11/18

"Wow! I am still bursting with so much love and gratitude after spending a week with such beautiful souls, who came from all over, each sharing their own journeys. The yoga retreat was nothing less than magical. What a way to detoixfy and heal physically and emotionally through morning beach meditations, yoga twice a day and sleeping in a pipe! I feel like I was able to release and detach from some limiting beliefs I've created over time whilst opening myself up to receive an abundance of love and happiness. I cannot describe the lightness I feel right now, and being nourished with such delicious, fresh meals each day - i feel like i'm radiating from the inside out! Thank you @leela_yoga what an incredible way to start a new chapter" 

Erin - Gold Coast, AU   14/11/18

I had the privilege to do my yoga classes with Stacey last December, I am so grateful for what she shared, challenged and helped me to transcend my fear, embrace it to continue my healing process. Stacey shares from her heart, in our classes I always had the opportunity to meditate about the insights she gave me. I truly appreciate her energy, love and care. Thank you Stacey and I hope you can come to Brazil and I can come Back to Playa Grande.

Edith, Brazil 10/1/18

"(Stacey's) practice is energetic, creative and warming, always starting and ending the class with a dedication to the day’s practice, and a message to think about throughout. Whether dedicating the class to someone you love, or offering gratitude to mother earth and the sun, the teaching is always vibrant, refreshening and heartening.

As she so often mentions – in yoga, everyone is a beginner and everyone is a teacher, you are always learning more and deepening your practice through experience with others." 

-Holly writer for Barcelona Connect Magazine  3/06/16

"The reiki session I had with Stacey was a life changing event. I was able to learn where I have been holding on with control in my everyday life and what I need to let go to love myself more.

I also have always kinda struggled with drinking (a few glasses at night) and since the session I haven't wanted one as I have realised this is a huge part of not loving myself. 

Her yoga classes were creative & challenging, I loved how she combined strength and flexibility.

The Yoga & Reiki were one of the best experiences I have had in my life. I am very grateful for her and this conscious healing journey I am now on."

A.M - Nevada, CA

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