practice at home

Message from Stacey:

I encourage you to set an intention or affirmation for your practice. Work with the throat chakra - to be clear in what your say, know your words are worthy of being heard, let go of judgment, speak what you know is true & that of which comes from your heart.


This is YOUR practice, feel free to modify, add & to play at the end maybe with an inversion.



Stacey x

Video 1: Strong Vinyasa Flow 


Uploaded: 26th July 2018

Details: Incorporating strength & flexibility in this quick 45 minute practice.

Level: Intermediate. Not suitable for complete beginners as I do not offer sufficient instruction of modifications.

Video 2: My 30min Morning Vinyasa Flow 

Uploaded: 27 February 2019

Details: Wake up and get the body moving with this quick 30 minute practice.

Level: Intermediate. 

More Videos to come.. Stay Tuned