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Meet Stacey


Stacey has an open heart, her presence is warm and she radiates love  from the inside out. Her smile, well balanced energy and  positivity  is contagious. Her passion is to learn & share all aspects of Yoga, to encourage others to grow, change, transform to be the best versions of themselves in this life. 
She describes herself as a..
Desciple of the Sun'..
.. A sun child chasing good weather & adventure.
Read below to discover Stacey's inspiring journey and how she first uncovered the miraculous benefits of practicing yoga. Learn how she followed her passion and dream which led her around the world to learn, practice and become a master yogi, to land where she is today, sharing her wisdom, love and light with those around her.

"Yoga can bring a simple strength and focus to ‘find a way’ through the

Storm of life"

- Stacey, Leela Yoga

Stacey's Yoga Story

stacey's yoga story

Yoga has been a part of Stacey’s life since 2007.  After continually suffering from running injuries she attempted Bikram Yoga for relief in a studio in Coolangatta, Queensland Australia.


After a couple of years of starting and stopping she returned to Bikram to find a balance between her high intensity Crossfit & Run Training. She not only noticed the positive physical effects but also the mental and spiritual. 


From this moment she knew she needed this in her life forever. This is when Stacey decided to commit to a 200 hour accreditation in Goa, India.


The training was based in Hatha with the approach of Patanajali's 8 Limbs of Yoga the focus was on classical pranayama, classical asana and classical vinyasa.

Edited Image 2015-3-15-11_31_36.png

Stacey believes by using breath, body and mind to work together we can deepen our connection and experience. Yoga can bring a simple strength and focus to ‘find a way’ through the storm of life.

Vinyasa, Yin, Power, Hatha, Kundalini, Iyengar, Anusara, Jivamukti, Iyengar & Ashtanga are other types of Yoga she has learned and practiced over the last 11 years.

Yoga is an exciting, continuous adventure for Stacey and she is looking forward to learning, sharing and building stronger, connected communities.


Leela (lee-lar);

Definition: Playfulness, lightness, a dance, pure energy. A colourful universal celebration. Leela is vibrant, positive, creative, active, nuturing and conscious.


Stacey shares from her heart,

In classes you play,

You laugh,

You smile,

You Connect


"Words cannot express how deeply we were touched by your gentle voice guiding us through our daily Yoga practice.

Please know that you have made a positive impact in our hearts and a healing/restorative impact in our bodies!"

- Valeh, Florida, USA. 25/07/17

Where to Find Stacey

where to find stacey

Alternatively, Stacey offers  1-on-1 private sessions in the comfort of your own home or preferred space. and she is also a Certified Quantum Reiki Healer.  
You can check out all of her services here or make an enquiry through the online form.

Stacey is currently living & teaching in Playa Grande, Costa Rica.

You can join one of her classes at 

Rip Jack Inn Hotel


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