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Pura Vida

‘….a journey, the greatest journey….. the unforgiving, challenging, lengthy, yet beautiful & euphoric…. study of oneself.’ – Me

Just recently I moved to Costa Rica, after having a taste of the ‘Pura Vida’.

The ‘Pure Life’ is a slower, calm, humble, stress free lifestyle in which I had asked for and have now manifested into my daily life.

On arriving last month I disconnected from Social Media with the intention on re-connecting with myself. To be free of counting ’how many likes’ or ‘how many followers’, ego, comparison, fear, judgement and all of negative which is projected out onto us in our Social (Media) lives.

I wanted to reconnect to me, to doing more of what I love, to write, to read, to meditate, to do yoga, exercise, to be creative. This was virtually impossible to do in 1 week of my past life and now I’m doing all this in 1 day.

Sounds like the ‘Pura Vida’ hey?

Well trying to embrace this slower more ‘present’ pace of life, in a very small community where I am working very little has been a REAL adjustment and it has created surprisingly some discomfort for me.

Then I came to ask myself ‘why am I feeling this way, why am I complacent and bored and not using this time as an opportunity for growth, to study, to be happy for time alone and for observation?’

It automatically brought me into a space of acceptance as it reminded me that change always shifts energy and it will open us up to discomfort by not having our usual routine however when we are in a place of discomfort we will find growth, we find our ‘fight’ (intuition) rather than ‘flight’ (ego). We are given an opportunity to connect to the space of our heart (intuition) rather than mind. Then we can observe without ego or our ‘knowing’ and answer these questions in which we ask ourselves through what ‘feels’ right in our heart.

When following or connecting to our intuition/heart we can walk a path of ease, of gratitude, of knowing and trusting that all is and will be taken care of. We are able to let go of expectations for the past, the future and just BE. We experience light & joy from with ‘in’ ourselves and are able to radiate this outwards.

This has reminded me that change is constant, whether it is in feelings, moods, sensations or time. When we can understand that everything is impermanent and change is inevitable, we can begin to look at the changes or the challenges in a different light, a positive light and we can see the path, the journey, the lesson in which we need to grow stronger for the next.

I know for certain I chose to be here and I am exactly where I am sitting right now and feeling what I’m feeling right now for a reason. I know that this will change and I will soon again face another challenge, and then another, after another.

With change and discomfort I will grow stronger, I will have less attachment to outcomes & comfort and I will learn and accept that this is just LIFE.

Pura Vida

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