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Yoga & Me

Posted 12th of March

The hours before teaching and my the blood pumps rapidly through my body, I feel like I have had a strong cup of coffee and I'm having the effect a few laxatives. (I'm sure many can relate to this)

Nervous to share something I love so much and to express it's true form through my words, voice, thoughts and emotions.

25 students staring at me with blank expressions, listening, trusting and following every word I say, it's daunting to say the least.

I incorporate my experiences and philosophy's on life into what I share so the element of being judged always makes these blank faces feel uneasy.

In school I was on the debate team - I have always been great at disagreeing and fighting for what I believed in (I'm sure my parents would agree) I was also school captain so being in front of people, having this attention & public speaking never bothered me.

But now what feels like so long ago I have expressed the way I feel through writing, in my diary or in my blogs. For a period of time in my life after school my feelings, thoughts and expressions had been suppressed.

Since coming out of this time and finding myself on top of the world, doing everything I desire and I still struggled to express my true thoughts and ideas.

Since teaching yoga I have been able to come out of my 'shell' and I am able to give my heart and soul to my students, sharing what really comes from my heart. Letting my light shine.

'Inhaling in through the nose and exhaling a clearing breath out through the mouth. Inhaling for 3 'OM's, inviting more peace into our hearts, more peace into our words and more peace into our thoughts....Namaste'

And the 2 hour class is over, worth every nerve and moment of anticipation. Smiles, namastes all round and a very happy bunch of well worked and stretched individuals.

Enjoying this very moment of accomplishment and growth, I look forward to being able to share and practise this way of Yoga life forever.

Namaste 🙏


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